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Lyric and poem writing.

Lyrics and/or poems can be tailored to fit your special topic or occasion.  Just let us know the sentiment, mood, effect, or "attitude" that you are looking for.



A song can be developed, in most genres, with just the lyrics or a combination of lyrics and melody.  Costs of songs, of course, will increase as more time is required to develop them.

Motion picture song production.  

Original lyrics and/or song development for specific film or motion picture needs.  We also offer song finding and recommendations 
to match introductory, scene, and ending portions of your film or project.


I am also available to collaborate on song development or lyric and poem writing. 

Examples of songs.

Examples of songs written and which have been promoted are attached as song samples.  You can also review songs, that I have developed, along with their complete lyrics, and purchase downloads at: 


Costs of and how to purchase services. 

You can contact us at dougbuche@heartthumpmusic.com, to make a request for services.  You will be given an estimate of the costs for the project and then you can determine if this is the right fit for you.